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In the 21st century, there are many applications and multimedia resources that have the potential to enhance adult education. Applications and multimedia resources has gotten advanced, compared to years ago. When doing research about applications and multimedia resources. Edmodo and cloud computing appealed more to me than other applications and multimedia resources.

Edmodo is a secure closed social networking platform for which teachers and students use for interaction and collaborating on line (“Edmodo-in-the-classroom “,).  Edmodo, appealed to me because of its educational technology, and it is a free application, and multimedia resource. Edmodo is features are geared toward the classroom, and it has many features to choose from. ”According to ” Edmodo-In-The-Classroom “,” Edmodo’s interface is similar to Facebook, and students has the option to participate in online discussions that are similar to twitter. Students can also post their work just like Blogger (What makes Edmodo unique?).

An example of how to incorporate Edmodo into teaching my future online adult students would be to use the communication stream as an ice breaker by asking the students what is it they are expecting to get from my course, and how will they go about achieving success in my class? Another example of incorporating Edmodo into teaching my adult online students would be to use it for quizzes, and online assignments (Getting Smart Staff, October 4, 2013).

Cloud computing is a technology that can be used as an educational technology. Cloud computing is also an application and multimedia resource. Cloud computing allows people access to computing services. Cloud computing also allows data to be shared over the internet (David W. Denton,). Cloud computing appeared to me because it allows teachers and students to access applications for free. Because of cloud computing interconnectivity, students can get a feel of what is like in the real world (Cenon, February 9, 2012). For my future online adult students I would use cloud computing for the construction of my rubrics, and when given my students feedback (David W. Denton,). David W. Denton, “Instruction which integrates the use of cloud technologies shows tremendous potential” (Conclusion).







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