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Distance education can incorporate many types of technologies. These includes Games and simulations, and Massive open online courses (MOOCs). I choose Simulations and games because they are very effective in terms of students being motivated to learn. Games are motivational, and they encourage students to think in different ways, and teachers to rethink in terms of having their classrooms at a level that is structural. I would incorporate games by using them as a tool for thinking and problem solving (Vu, Fredrickson, & Sherry).

Computer simulations allows students to be interactive by responding to information that are similar to real situations. I would incorporate a computer simulation by engaging my adult learners in interactions, and observing, by helping my learners to predict, and understand why the observed events happened, and have them explore, and evaluate ideas, to stimulate their critical thinking (Lunce, 2012).

Massive open online courses (MOOCs), allows students to discuss the course topic, and share, and discover resources. (EADTU, August 15, 2012). MOOCs also provide open access to a library of variety courses features; such as specific books for the course the student is taking, and access to a variety of articles and journals. I choose (MOOCs), because it fits around a person’s schedule. I would incorporate (MOOCs), by using it as a tool for my students to study, and get feedback on their assignments.



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