Educational Technologies Blog week 8

Three technologies I feel are especially beneficial to adult teaching and learning generally, and to my professional practice are tablet Computing, which was discussed by Alex A., and InstaColl which was discussed by Claire Jefferson, and Nwankwo, Turnitin, discussed by Lizzette Santana Tablet Computing, InstaColl, and Turnitin, technologies were choosen because they are the best fit for my class.

Tablet computing are starting to be used in the place of desktop computers. They are lightweight, and man college students prefer to use them over classroom computers. In the last few years, tablets has evolved in terms of its enormous strides (Carmitchel,). Tablets could be incorporated into my professional practice by allowing tablets into my class, will give students the opportunity to take class notes on their tablets, and download specific software that is needed to do certain class assignments.

InstaColl has many features, the gap between the desktop and web is bridged because of InstaColl (InstaColl).For a traditional desktop software solution; InstaColl, adds web meeting capabilities (InstaColl). Users can assess InstaColl anywhere and time (InstaColl).  InstaColl would be incorporated into my classroom, by using its online software.

Turnitin is used as an originality checker in terms of plagiarizing, and it helps with teachers assessments. The turnitin would be used in my classroom to determine if my students are turning in work that is plagiarized or if their work is original. I would also use the turnitin to assess my students.



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