Setting Up Effective Online Learning Experiences

It is imperative to understand the steps that are necessary to set up an operative online experience. It can be an uphill task for adult learners to changeover from the traditional learning experience to an online learning experience; this require learners to be given appropriate guides, that would assist them with their transition. Setting and launching an online learning environment will require focusing on main issues; such as capturing the student’s background, identity, and clarifying leaning expectations through the syllabus. It also requires giving guidance, understanding assignments, grading, and explaining discussions with other peers.

To set up an effective online learning experience, there are steps that is vital

  • Step 1: Communicating clear learning expectations is vital for for adult learners. Because adult learners are expected to work independently, this will guide them in accessing the right information at their own pace, and time, and not depend on responses from their peers or instructors.
  • Step 2: Setting up a rubrics: Setting up a rubrics will help guide online learners on how do their assignments, and how grading will be done.
  • Step 3: Setting the discussion questions; is a critical step, it allows learners to learn from the perspectives of others through discussions. It also help the students with practicing and explaining concepts.
  • Step 4: Student identity, and background in online learning environment is also another consideration, this ensures a personalized sense of learning (Laureate Education Inc., 2012).

Why is it necessary to communicate clear expectations to online learners?

It is necessary to communicate clear expectations of the syllabus, discussion questions, and rubrics, because students do most of their work independently. Clear expectations would make it possible for them to access information that they may need. When the guidelines and expectations are clear the students have clarity of what is expected from them, given them satisfaction (Boettcher and Conrad, 2010).

What additional considerations should the instructor take into account when setting up an online learning experience, especially one that targets adult learning?

Additional considerations for adult learning includes; provision of ready support to the learners whenever needed. Another consideration is the provision of technical support as most of them find it difficult to navigate the online learning systems.  As long as an instructor ensure that his or her learning expectations are clear. Learning can be a very successful venture for adults.



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